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What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting where websites are hosted on scalable servers with virtual isolated resources. It is a way to store your data on servers that can be easily upgraded or downgraded without affecting the data. Cloud hosting tends to be faster than shared hosting simply because of dedicated resources assigned to your hosting service.

If you have no idea about choosing a cloud hosting service, we are here to help you. The good news is that the cloud hosting service we provide at Greens247 is incredibly reliable and secure. Our servers are virtually isolated, so the resources assigned to your hosting service is dedicated only to you. This adds a layer of security and stability to your hosting service.

Cloud hosting pricing plans

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EGP 220.00 /month

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EGP 550.00 /month

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EGP 880.00 /month

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EGP 1210.00 /month

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Daily backup for cloud hosting

Daily backup for cloud hosting

We provide free JetBackup for cPanel with unlimited backup storage, so you can restore backup by yourself anytime from up to 3 month of backup. You can also create a snapshot anytime by creating a JetBackup on demand backup.

Disaster recovery for cloud hosting

Disaster recovery for cloud hosting

We provide a disaster recovery feature by taking backups of your data in another data center in another country. So in the event of a data center failure due to a disaster, we will be able to bring you back online faster.

DDoS protection for cloud hosting

DDoS protection for cloud hosting

We provide a hardware firewall for network layer attacks. A software firewall to block abuse to service ports. A web application firewall to block vulnerability attacks and brute force attacks. A web server hard coded to block bad traffic.

Secure servers for cloud hosting

Secure servers for cloud hosting

We use Cloudlinux to segregate hosting accounts on the server, and Imunify360 to periodically scan and clean your website from malware. You will have access to Imunify360 to get insights about malware detection and cleanups.

The best cloud hosting service

We offer a wide range of features that are sure to meet your business needs, whether you are just starting out a small business or have a big eCommerce website. We have got you covered.

Fast web hosting

Fast web hosting

A fast, reliable and stable hosting platform for your website, which will provide protection and 99.95% of website uptime at a very affordable rate.

Certified cPanel administrators

Certified cPanel administrators

A certified cPanel partner with full time technical support team that can help you with technical issues 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Available in 4 locations

Available in 4 locations

A company with multiple data centers, so you can pick the location that's right for you. We can host your web site in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and France.

No hidden charges

No hidden charges

A company the believes in transparency. We want you to know exactly what you're paying for, and we don't want you to be surprised or disappointed by unexpected fees or costs.

cPanel hosting

cPanel to have full control to do more without the need for technical knowledge. You can set up wordpress with single click, create email accounts, browse files in a file manager. Advanced features are available for developers, for example setting up SSH, FTP, and terminal access.

PHP hosting

PHP selector to select PHP version and extensions.

Node.js hosting

Automatic deployment of Node.js apps with git control.

Python hosting

Automatic deployment of Python apps with git control.

cPanel Hosting

JetBackup for cPanel

JetBackup is the leading backup solution for cPanel. JetBackup will take automatic backups of websites and other data such as files, databases, and emails to a another data center. The account owner will be able to self restore from backup of up to 3 months quickly and efficiently any time with full control over the data.

Website backup and restore

Automatic backup and self restore of website data, with the ability to take a snapshot anytime.

Email backup and restore

Automatic Email backup and self restore of all Email accounts or a single individual account.
JetBackup for cPanel

Frequently asked questions

Have a cloud hosting related question? We have your answers! Below, you'll find answers to the most common questions we receive.

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting where websites are hosted on scalable servers with virtual isolated resources. It is a way to store your data on servers that can be easily upgraded or downgraded without affecting the data.

Cloud hosting is often regarded as a better option than shared hosting because of its ability to handle large amounts of traffic, its enhanced security protection, and its reliability. However, the cost of these extras is usually higher than the cost of shared hosting plans. But if you’re planning on growing your site and need a site with a high performance rate, cloud hosting will probably be the best option for your needs.

Our cloud hosting is reliable because your hosting service will have its own dedicated resources. We have strict software policy standards, and our own proprietary security practices to keep your data safe. We offer different plans which can fit everyone's needs. All our plans come with LitesSpeed web server, JetBackup self restore and powerful hardware which makes our uptime as high as 99.95% which makes us highly reliable as well as affordable.

There are many benefits of cloud hosting. Some of the benefits include; flexible pricing structure, highly secure, and super fast.

Yes, you can transfer your website to Greens247 cloud hosting service. Our hosting service is easy and hassle-free! All you need to purchase a cloud hosting plan, and open a support ticket to migrate your website. A green247 expert will be glad to help you to move your existing website to our blazing fast cloud hosting service. You can take advantage of our free migration service, or can migrate your website by yourself using a secured FTP connection.

Cloud hosting lets you pay only for the resources you use. So, if you are expecting a post to go viral, or your site is receiving an unusually large amount of traffic, you can simply upgrade your package to scale up your resources during a traffic surge, and then back down once traffic levels return to normal. Instead of paying for high hosting fees across, you only pay for what you need.

Cloud hosting gives you dedicated resources and isolates your hosting service in a virtual isolated environment. You are protected using our 4 layers of powerful DDoS protection. A free SSL certificate is provided to keep your websites secure. A real time anti malware to protect your website in the event of an infection due to vulnerability. The anti malware will automatically clean the infected files and restores a clean file from backup. LiteSpeed web server to protect your website from malicious traffic and give you the best performance using LiteSpeed cache. Disaster recovery protection, we take backups in another country on another continent. We give you automatic backup with self restore options, to easily restore data and prevent data loss.

Cloud hosting can provide lightning fast speeds for your website. Thanks to the dedicated resources and faster bandwidth speeds. In addition to that, we use LiteSpeed web servers to make your website lightning fast. LSCache for WordPress, LiteMage for Magento, LSCache for Joomla, LSCache for Laravel, and more.